Slingbox Taking TV With You


As much as society loves to blame everything on the humble television, we have to admit, it's been a friend through times tough and lean. From watching Knight Rider and the original A-Team, sprawled on the floor with similarly hypnotized siblings, through to late nights watching the Red Shoe Diaries with the ever-present hope that Duchovny and the dog might gave way to something a bit more risqué. Even today, many of us get pleasure, information and education from the TV; even thought its shape might have changed, its selfless love hasn't.

Now you can keep up with your favourite shows no matter where you are, with Slingbox, an award-winning product that's designed to embrace convergence without sending you out to buy a whole new system.

Essentially it allows any internet-able device – a laptop, a PC or even your mobile – to act like a TV, meaning you won't miss that next episode of Criminal Minds.

The Slingbox, which comes in Solo and Pro configurations, allows you to control your TV, satellite feed, set top box and even DVD player from anywhere in the world, meaning less time hand cuffed to other nation's programming, and more time watching what you like.

Bring on the risqué.


From HK$1,480

Nuts & Bolts
Watch TV anywhere in the world


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