Qlocktwo Clock Time Waits For No Man


Mankind has come a long way since the sun dial. We've had balls dropping from flag poles at midday, and ancient Egyptians tracing the sun's movement across the sky.

We've had 'elephant clocks' depicted in the Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices from the 11th century, and even pendulum pieces that show the movement of tides and planets.

The Qlocktwo clock, winner of the Red Dot design award, takes it another step forward with its simplistic, elegant clock face which displays no hands and no numbers.

It literally tells you the time, in about as honest and straight forward a way as a clock can. The typographical face is made up of various characters, some of which shine bright to show you the time.

Available in both polished acrylic glass and stainless steel, it's an eye catching little fixture that helps bring a sense of art to the tradition of wall-mounted time keeping. What's more, the time comes in a variety of languages and there is even a Qlocktwo app for your iphone.

Time you savvied up your time keeping experience.

Qlocktwo Clock
From €885
Available at Lane Crawford Pacific Place

Nuts & Bolts
Simplistic time keeping meets art


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