Seabreacher X Prepare to Breach


So you got your bonus and you just don't know what to spend it on? The flat in mid-levels is all paid off, those investment units in Hung Hom are doing well on their own, and you've found yourself, at present, blissfully sans sheila, meaning you have a little financial flexibility. What better way to spend your hard earned cash than playing secret agent within reach of the back bar at Shek O?

The Seabreacher X is a custom-built personal submarine – of sorts.

It can cruise on the surface at 50m/hr, like some massive albino shark, and when required, it can dive quicker than a fat man into a pool of jello, roaring through the sea so you can sneak up for a closer look at those beauties on the pontoon. Check it out in action here.

Inside you have room for a naughty partner in crime (after all, no one's watching), a digital camera and stereo system (we suggest the Miami Vice pursuit track) and if you time your ballast purging just right, you can lunge from the water like a coked-up flipper.

Become a nemo nympho.

Seabreacher X

From US$65,000 plus shipping

Nuts & Bolts
Your own submarine dolphin thingy


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