Fluid Forms Customized Wall Clock Remember the Where


Ah memories. So much time goes into creating lasting memories, especially when we travel. From places where we fall for that someone special, to memories of home towns far away, these are thoughts that stay with us forever.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do with a little brain jogging now and then, and when it comes to giving gifts, can there be anything quite as memorable as a reminder of the best memories already had?

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re looking for a unique gift – or even a self-reminder – Fluid Forms can create a truly unique memory jogger.

Their collections range from hand-carved 3D reliefs of that mountain pass you cycled with mates, to a bird’s eye view of your home cast in silver cufflinks and map grids of your favourite metropolis planted on the face of a clock (click here for a video). It doesn’t even have to be a place; think of any design you like and their computer design systems and craftsman will set it in stone – or at least silver or wood.

Simply go online, find the medium that suits, and consult with their design team. Make your order and two weeks later, your unique little memory jogger will arrive to help bring the past back to the present.

Fluid Forms

From €160

Nuts & Bolts
Unique pieces of art created from your own memories.


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