Soda Stream Pure Who’s Got Gas?


So the party is finally swinging; Mel Torme is crooning on the stereo, your smoking jacket is fresh from the cleaners and you have a cheeky little Kapiti Coast brie breathing in the kitchen.

Now’s not the time to run out of anything, especially mixers, and especially if you opted for a walk up just to get that rooftop BBQ pad. The only person remembered better than the host with the most, is the host with the least.

Fortunately you can replenish your soda supplies in a rush with Soda Stream Pure, the Red Dot design award-winning beverage maker. With over 20 flavors available – including ‘cola zero’, peach iced tea, and blueberry sport, as well as the classics like tonic water and ginger ale – this is the simplest and most environmentally-friendly solution to your mixer malady, and one that gives you control over how your drinks will taste.

Dressed in brushed stainless steel, and with enough gas to power up 60 liters of the good stuff, it’ll look right at home next to your Boston glass and jigger collection.

Let the party begin.

Soda Stream Pure
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Nuts & Bolts
An easy-to-use soda maker


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