Swimman Don’t Let H2O Stop You


Summer is coming (as soon as the rain lets up) and that means plenty of aquatic frivolity. It means long days chatting up the chicas on Lantau-bound junks;

late afternoon beach sessions to a backdrop of jazzy house music and bikini-clad honeys; and it means warm waters for swimming and diving. So you can be forgiven for wanting to invest in some water-proof accessories for the season.

Now you can take your sweetest tracks with you (especially if you’re into the soundtrack from Abyss). Swimman specialise in waterproof MP3 players and their new sleek 3rd generation 2GB iPod shuffle might be just the thing for that long, slow swim to shore (now you know why Olympic swimming don’t drink six beers before competing).

The iPod comes complete with two types of headsets - a waterproofed Headset III with extension cable that wraps around your head and clings even when you’re junk-jumpin’, and genuine Apple headphones with Swimman waterproofed in-line controls. You can take this baby to over 25ft, and clip it to your shorts (provided you’re wearing any).

And if you’re not…then who cares about iPods.

From US$250

Nuts & Bolts
Waterproof your music with Swimman iPods


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