Cinq USB Monitor Time to go Double Barrel


A lot of the Hong Kong experience is about having room. The first things visitors notice when they come to the city is how small the apartments are – how little room people live in. Consequently the first thing people say when they move to Mui Wu, Tai Po, or that baby-making factory they call Disco Bay, is how much more space they have; more parks to walk in, more coastline to swim from, and more places to swing their arms as they twirl around like Julie Andrews on speed balls.

Well, at least you can have more room – or should be say screen - to work on with Cinq, a USB-powered 10-inch 16:9 companion monitor that allows you to turn your simple laptop into something reminiscent of a control room in the death star.

Its developers have heralded research studies which show an additional monitor increases productivity between 30-50 percent, and even if you don’t plan to work harder per se, gaming will take on a whole new life.

The screen can clip to the side of your laptop or notebook screen, or stand independently, and with a simple USB interface, there is no set up process.

A whole new way to plug and play.

Cinq USB Monitor
From US$249

Nuts & Bolts
A USB-powered second monitor for laptops


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