Cobra Airsoft Company Boy Hood Antics with a Credit Card


Many of us like to play with guns; we always have. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not a right-wing gun nut that talks to apes, but plenty of Hong Kong lads love to play Apocalypse Now out on the mountain peaks of Lantau. And if you are going out into the bush looking for Charlie, you’ll need the right tools – not just to “survive” but to make sure no one else does.

Cobra Airsoft Company is Mongkok’s Replica Ruler, with 10 years experience selling things that look lethal, but rarely are. They offer a wide spectrum of original and modified weapons, as well as all the cool Navy Seal-looking gear that got Charlie Sheen all the ladies (before he started coke).

If you’re in the market for say, an Dragunov sniper rifle, an MP5 with a laser sight, or perhaps a Benelli Super 90 shotgun, for those close-up encounters, this is where you’d go.

Do we condone guns? No. Do we realise that boys will be boys, and that the allure of combat has fuelled more wars than a Republican president’s first term? Completely. But what harm could come of it?


Cobra Airsoft Company
901, 9/F., Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mongkok
Tel: 2332 3829,

Nuts & Bolts
Legalise your armoury with Cobra Airsoft

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