AR Drone Parrot Keeping Your Neighbourhood Free of Terror


Covert surveillance has come a long way since Gary Powers and his U-2 spy plane fell from the heavens over the Soviet Union in 1960.

Its successor, the Blackbird, remains the “fastest air breathing manned aircraft”, while today’s terrorists are spied on (and sometimes incinerated by) some of the most sophisticated technology known to man, including the remote controlled Global Hawk, and ass-kicking MQ-9 Reaper – although these both come with multi-million dollar price tags.

The next best thing, if you’re looking to keep tabs on your surroundings, is the AR Drone Parrot, which was recently launched in Hong Kong.

Although it lacks the menacing name, this is straight out of Mission Impossible; a wi-fi network generating quadricopter (yes, four blades), controlled by your iPhone or iTouch.

The result of four years of design, the Parrot combines a simple auto-pilot for take off and landings, with a powerful onboard computer and two cameras- a wide angle ‘pilot’s view’ to help with navigation, and a downward-facing lens for stabilisation.

There are dog fighting games you can ad as remote apps, and a special “hull” is used to protect the blades from damage.

Perfect for those Gary Powers moments over Hong Kong Park.

AR Drone Parrot
Available at or Toys R Us for $2,299.
Check out what it can do:

Nuts & Bolts

A quadricopter controlled by your iPhone


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