Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Vinturi Giving You Room to Breath


Theories of fluid dynamics might not be everyone’s Sunday reading choice, but if it is, you’ll be familiar with Bernoulli’s Principle, named for a Dutch-Swiss mathematician that figured out that the faster fluid moves, the more it’s pressure decreases. Not exactly staggering conversation for a candle-lit dinner, but the ramifications just might help your image – and your tastebuds - more than you realise.

Solera in Hong Kong have applied Bernoulli’s Principle to create the Vinturi, an effortless, three-second wine aerator that allows wine to flow fast and furiously while being poured from bottle to glass, creating a vacuum that sucks in air and gives vino a smoother finish and accentuated natural flavours. All you have to do to instantly decant your favourite drop of Malbec or Semillon (yes, apparently white wine should be given some oenological mouth-to-mouth as well, using a different Vinturi naturally), is pour the wine through the Vinturi and directly into the glass. You can buy a stand if you’ve got the shakes and if you have any ‘accidents’, Solera also sell red wine stain remover.

Cause you never know where le passion might take you.

RRP $400 ($700 set includes stand)
Available at G.O.D., CitySuper and fine wine stores.

Nuts & Bolts
Bring out better bouquet in your beausoleil


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