DirectLife Like a Jiminy Cricket in Trainers


We’re all familiar with Pinocchio, whose nose grew long with every lie (thank god it’s not a human trait) and whose conscience – being a wooden puppet – was a cricket called Jiminy, who would sit on his shoulder and whisper common sense into his ear. While some of us had our consciences taken out along with our tonsils, when it comes to being active, there’s nothing wrong with a little positive advice in your ear – or perhaps your pocket.

Philips’ DirectLife may sound like a life insurance scheme but what it does is monitor all your movements during the day and helps you set goals for your time outside the gym. While many of us are essentially married to our jobs, this tiny waterproof chip slips into your pocket and calculates the calories burnt during your normal day, motivating you, with the help of personal online coaches and performance feedback, to find new activities within your normal routine that can help increase the burn like Filipino rum on a BBQ. While it’s no replacement for a real gym session, you’ll quickly find yourself opting for the stairs for that next coffee run, just because we’re all naturally competitive, highly-motivated guys.


Starter packs from US$99

Nuts & Bolts
A fitness conscience that fits in your pocket


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