Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Sanyo Xacti Camcorder Capturing Life’s Precious Moments


Any man over 20 years old can vouch for the sheer sexual energy of the swimming pool scene in Wild Things, a film devoid of plot or logic but rife with cleavage and enough saucy innuendos to make a grown man squirm. Paddle pools, showers, surf lines and even jello wrestling rings – these are backdrops begging for a prime position in your personal video collection, but ones in which normal cameras fear to tread.

The smart chaps at Sanyo clearly read your dirty mind. Their new CA9 Xacti camcorder not only fits in your hand, snug as a fishing pole or sawn-off shot gun, but it’s also water proof, meaning you can cast aside your technological inhabitations and leap in for those all important close ups. Use the monitor, which can rotate 285-degrees, to shoot from almost any angle, and take two megapixel stills by simply pressing the camera trigger – you don’t have to change modes, and filming continues afterwards.

Because the show must go on.

Sanyo CA9 Xacti

Retails for $2,980
Available at Fortress and Broadway

Nuts & Bolts
Don’t let the water wimp you out when filming


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