Tooletries Koby Wash Bag Time to Sex up Your Hotel Bathroom


Here’s a spot of trivia for your afternoon coffee break: the term Dopp Kit derives from the early 20th century, when leather craftsman Charles Doppelt (with help from his intrepid nephew Jerome Harris) created the first men’s leather hygiene case in 1919.

These rugged, manly wash kits became a household name after they were dished out to deployed American GIs, and were especially common as coming-of-age gifts for young men in the 1950s and 60s. While the trademark for “Dopp” kits is now help by a Massachusetts-based leather specialist, the terms has been adopted by a host of style houses to describe unashamedly masculine bathroom kits for blokes on the go.

If you’re in the market for a touch of sophisticado on the road, you might want to check out the uber-stylish Koby Wash Bag, a dope dopp kit by Aussie brand Tooletries. Crafted from 100 percent high-tech silicone, these chic kits are roomy enough for all your he-essentials, durable enough for all of life’s bumps and bruises, and are completely leak-proof, ensuring no unexpected surprises next time you unzip your overnighter. With heavy duty zippers and rubber overmoulded pull zips, the Koby Wash Bag is easy to clean (not to mention great to touch if you know what we mean) and comes in a host of eye-popping colours so you’ll never skip town without your toiletries again.

A true manhood must.


Tooletries Koby Wash Bag