Brux Pour Over Coffee System Cause You Never Know When You’ll Need a Fix


By the time you read this, we’re figuring you’re probably on your second, maybe even third cup of coffee for the day. Caffeine is the most used psychoactive drug in the world.

Over 90 percent of adults on the planet drink coffee every single day, with those brooding Finns drinking the most (twice as much as the Italians, creators of the espresso). Caffeine was discovered in tea and coffee in 1819, and in 1903 Coca-Cola removed the active elements of cocaine from its refreshing beverage, replacing them with more sugar and a healthy dose of caffeine. Even the green tea your lady friend has you drinking has caffeine, as do many of the energy drinks you turn to around 11pm (leading to over 20,000 visits to the ER in 2011 alone). Love it or hate it, most of us are addicted to caffeine.

To ensure caffeine’s sweet embrace is never far from reach, Boco has created the BRuX, a pour-over coffee system that you can take virtually anywhere. Combining a stainless-steel vacuum insulated bottle with a simple cone filtration appendage, BruX not only lets you brew on the go but keeps your Joe hot for hours. There’s no mesh filters to clean or flimsy stems to lose, and units pack inside each other for maximum portability. Sure, they say it’s for camping and long-distance truck driving, but we’re sure they won’t mind if we keep it with us every single waking moment. That is until Sprayable Energy, a caffeine-laced skin spray containing the equivalent of 40 cups of coffee, reaches its Indigo targets.

Fingers crossed.


Brux Pour Over Coffee System