Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Coravin Keep the Good Stuff for Yourself


So the silly season is over and you managed, through a series of perfectly-executed smoke screens, bluffs and slights-of-hand, to hide that really good bottle of wine from thirsty visiting friends and relatives, pawing off instead the bottles left over from the company Christmas party.

Bravo. Then again, that special little number might even be too nice to crack open and throw back all in one go, and you know as soon as you uncork that baby the clock starts ticking on its expiry date. You’ve found yourself in quite the quandary.

Coravin might be the answer. A nifty little number to have at home, the device inserts a medical-grade needle through the foil and cork into the wine, pressurizing the bottle with harmless argon gas, which then pushes the wine through the needle, into your glass, without allowing any of that potentially-problematic oxygen to get in. Once the needle is removed the cork naturally reseals itself, preserving the wine for future use, and allowing you to savor that vintage vino for as long as you can control yourself. With a lightweight yet durable plastic body and soft-grip handles, the new Model One version even has a pouring spout to ensure drip-free service on the go.

Because you’re worth it.


Available at Watsons Wine from HK$1,800


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