GoSun Stove Embrace the Power of the Sun


Did you know man has been worshipping the sun for millennia? The sun, or Ra, was pretty important to the ancient Egyptians, with a whole solar dynasty of gods created over centuries.

The Tiv people of West Africa consider the sun to be the supreme being Awondo and the moon his daughter; while the Aztecs knew Tonatiuh, the leader of heaven, a deity that demanded human sacrifice if it was to continue its daily arc. Even on Indonesia’s remote island of Timor tribal leaders are considered direct heirs of the sun god. Like Ron Burgundy, the sun’s kind of a big deal.

You can worship the sun in a more contemporary fashion with the GoSun, an innovative new solar-powered he-grill. Its unique, portable design reflects the sun’s golden goodness towards a cylinder, which, according to the company, can heat up to 550 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. A solar evacuated tube cooks the contents using 80 percent of the reflected light, meaning you can keep the gas for nocturnal soirees and let Mother Nature lend a hand during the day. The design captures the sun’s rays from a variety of angles, allowing for its progression across the sky, and even if the clouds turn up the stove can continue cooking. There are presently two sizes – the smaller GoSun Sport, and the manly GoSun Grill – while a new model soon headed to production will also allow you to charge devices via, as you cook.

Turning the humble BBQ into a religious experience.


GoSun Stove
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