Wednesday, 29.3.2017

iSomelier by iFavine Taking Your Wine to the Next Level


So you might not know why we decant wine, and even if you do, you might not be 100 percent sure when to do it, and that’s ok because let’s be honest, even if it makes the wine taste better, the whole process can look a little wanky.

Essentially, we decant to separate wine from any sediment that might have formed in the bottle, while also aerating the good stuff to bring out the aromas and flavours. If you’re going to spend good money on good wine or port, you might want to give decanting a try, if only to ensure you’re getting the best wine experience for your buck. Fortunately it’s never been easier or faster.

The iSommelier by iFavine, now available at Town House, is the first aerating machine that uses oxygenation technology to shorten decanting time from hours to minutes while revealing the full potential of every wine you serve. With two versions – the standard and the ‘pro’ – this nifty little device cuts an hour long decanting marathon into a two minute breeze by using advanced filters to remove dust and contaminants, moisture and odors, and nitrogen and carbon dioxide, before decanting with purified oxygen, allowing the aeration process to be sped up. A dedicated app can apply decanting programs for specific wines or palates and taps into the iFavine Network, home to a ton of wine and winery info, decanting recommendations and oenological insights. You can even use the device on whisky to allow for a more mature, softer flavor profile.

It’s all about less waiting, and more drinking.


iSomelier by iFavine
Available at Town House in Central, TST or Causeway Bay From HK$3,950




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