Rolf Sachs + Leica's M-P Camera Tech Meets Style


When Steven Sasson, an employee of Kodak, invented the first digital camera in 1975, it consisted of several off-the-shelf devices jerry-rigged together. Of course the company wasn’t all that impressed with the idea of digital photography

– at that time they made money off every step in the analogue photography game and Sasson’s clutch of homemade electronics wasn’t exactly what they thought the future would hold. Admittedly his device was not something you’d expect to carry around with you on the hop, and was definitely not something you’d use as a fashion accessory. Oh how times have changed.

For a digital camera worthy of neck-hanging status, check out the new Leica M-P Type 240 ‘Grip’, built in collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Rolf Sachs. The latest addition to the Leica M-System family, this eye-catching camera combines state-of-the-art photographic capabilities with plenty of functional flair. The new model, limited to just 79 pieces, is based on a Leica M-P rangefinder camera body with its 24MP sensor, 2G buffer ram, and fast classic Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, but with some minor adjustments by the acclaimed artist, including a ping pong paddle rubber veneer; red engravings on the accessory shoe, shutter speed dial, power switch and video button; and a signature Rolf Sachs logo gracing the back of the top deck. This rather special point-and-shoot comes with a carry case and strap as well as the Leica SF 40 flash.

Just in case the world missed you the first time.


Rolf Sachs + Leica's M-P Camera
Available in Leica stores this month, from approx. HK$120,000




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