Staaker Auto-Follow Drone Your Own Robotic Stalker


Few concepts bridge the divide between science fiction and reality quite like Artificial Intelligence, and you might be surprised how old a concept it really is.

First attempted by Ramon Llull in 1300CE with his Calculus Ratiocinator, a ground-breaking calculating machine, and conceptulised by everyone from Stephen Hawking to the boffins at MIT, AI has filled science journals and movie scripts alike as humans seek to create machines that essentially think for themselves.

AI’s latest manifestation is the Staaker Auto-Follow Drone, a multi-mode helicopter-styled drone that boasts, according to its makers, the first artificial intelligence used in a personal drone. Launched after three years of design and 50 prototypes, the Staaker Auto-Follow Drone tracks your every movement, and predicts what you will do next. With a whopping top speed of 80km/hr and the ability to film from every angle thanks to five different follow modes, the Staaker is designed to capture you at your very best, from the road to the river to the mountain – think of it as your own personal cameraman through life’s little adventures. Set to begin delivery this December, the Staaker can take to the air in just eight seconds, is 100 percent waterproof and super-durable, offers 30 minutes of flight time, and a maximal distance from the user of 350 meters, allowing for an unprecedented filming experience. Easy to travel with thanks to a folding design, and boasting compatibility with GoPro Hero cameras, Staaker films in 4k with the option of 12MB stills, and even offers automatic safety functions based on your activity.

Making it possibly more intelligent than you.


Staaker Auto-Follow Drone
Pre-orders from US$1,195




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