Saturday, 16.12.2017

W&P Pineapple Cocktail Shaker It’s What Your Wet Bar’s Been Waiting For


The cocktail shaker is a fundamental component to any cocktail set up. The first shakers could be traced back to 7,000BCE, where jars were used in pre-Hispanic Mexico and South America. Even the Eqyptians blended spices and fermented grain spirit in containers before serving.

Designed to cool and dilute ingredients in a very short period of time, shakers come in all shapes and sizes, from the iconic Boston, a two piece shaker that uses a 16oz glass mixing base, to the Cobbler, a three piece set up that tapers at the tap and features a built-in strainer. Whichever style you’re going for, there are a host of cocktails that simply can’t be made right without a little Tom Cruise shaking action.

Of course, if you really want to make an impression you might want to wrap your grubby mitts around W & P’s eye-catching Pineapple Shaker, a glorious metal Cobbler-style shaker styled on the tropical fruit and dressed in silver, gold or rose gold plated stainless steel. Brought to you by the innovative chaps behind the in-flight, pocket-sized cocktail kit, this shaker is elegant and sophisticated and boasts a touch of Art Deco in its lines. The pineapple shaker can also be complimented with pineapple tumblers, complete with metal straws, and a set of pineapple shot glasses, meaning you’re pretty much sorted for home entertaining. Just be careful when you get shaking; those ‘leaves’ could have someone’s eye out.

And that’s not way to get a party started.


W&P Pineapple Cocktail Shaker



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