Danish Fuel More than Meets the Eye


You might not know this but the humble jerry can was created by the Germans in 1939, just before the outbreak of WWII. Originally named Wehrmacht Kanister and available in four colours, each designated for a different liquid – diesel, petrol, kerosene and water – they were quickly redubbed by the British after their favourite nickname for German soldiers.

The yanks also used the now-iconic can, producing over 19 million of them to support US forces through the war (although the US also struggled with ‘jerry can loss, with over 3 million reported ‘lost’ in 1944 alone thanks to their popularity with local populations). Today jerry cans are made from plastic instead of steel, but that doesn’t make the originals any less useful – in fact they still play a vital role in the folk music of Chitral, a remote region of Pakistan. Just saying.

If you’d like to add a touch of history and class to your man pad, a Danish firm has repurposed the steel jerry can, creating the Barcabinet, the perfect storage space for an entirely different kind of fuel. This unique wall bar from Danish Fuel is not only a striking and efficient use of space in Hong Kong’s tiny apartments but also boasts enough space for three 70cl bottles of the good stuff and up to 12 glasses – essentially all you need for home entertainment, packed into one super sturdy case. The WWII-era cans have been reconstructed using original components, before being sandblasted down and repainted (sans lead), and include walnut, oak or smoked oak shelves. Because they’re reconstructed from old jerry cans (from a total of 21 million produced across a total of 1,800 styles) no two bars are alike, giving you a truly unique touch to your man cave wall. Simply mount the can using the included screws, unlock the flap, and you’ll have a touch of history, matched with enough booze to sink a battleship.

War is hell, interior design doesn’t have to be.


Danish Fuel


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