Saturday, 16.12.2017

Cube Projector Take the Show with You


We’re sure you’d be impressed to know that the first projector, named The Magic Lantern, was developed in the 17th century by Christiaan Huygens.

It used funneled light to project basic images onto a surface and was quickly dubbed the ‘lantern of fright’ when used by early magicians and conjurers. Skip ahead to 1894 and you have the first film projector, created by the Lumière brothers of Paris. Their first commercial screening was ironically in the City of Light in 1895 and it heralded the age of the big screen. Oh how things have changed.

Introducing the Cube, the latest in pocket-friendly pico projectors. Designed to sync seamlessly with your mobile device, the Cube will project your movies and photos onto any surface, creating an instant 120-inch movie screen, anytime, anywhere. The Cube is all about packing punch into a tiny package; the LED bulb promises over 20,000 hours of playtime, the batteries offer 90 minutes of screen-glowing goodness before they need a recharge, and there’s room for a SD card if you’re looking to do slideshows. Pop Cube on its accompanied tripod for the best viewing experience, invite the mates over to check your latest GoPro montage, or a new found friend to enjoy some of your own personal…performances, and when you’re done simply pop the whole device in your pocket.

Let there be light.


Cube Projector



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