Saturday, 16.12.2017

RIMOWA Electronic Tag Tag It or Lose It


Airlines are making significant headway in the war against that most terrible of travel burdens – the lost suitcase. According to reports, airlines globally mishandled 46.9 million bags in 2007 – the number has since halved and much of that gain can be attributed to better technology.

However, the risk remains – can you imagine starting that well-earned vacation sans suits, briefs and manly essentials like beard trimmers and coconut oil (you know who you are)? It doesn’t paint a picture we want to pose for. But help is at hand.

Luxury luggage brand RIMOWA has launched the first digital and fully-integrated mobility solution for your suitcase. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is an intelligent sensor built into a RIMOWA suitcase that boasts a very cool E Ink Mobius display that, when teamed up with an airline app (first employed by Lufthansa with others to follow) allows travellers to check their bags in from home (or anywhere else for that matter) much as they check themselves in, receiving in the process a digital boarding pass and digital luggage info for their flight. One touch of your smartphone beams that info to your smart case, which then displays its own identical luggage tag on the E Ink screen. The display mimics normal luggage labels to perfection, but is safe from moisture, heat, shock, vibration and…yep, stupidity. You can then track your luggage through the airline app, safe in the knowledge your bag is headed in the same direction as you are.

Tag, you’re it

RIMOWA Electronic Tag
Price to be Confirmed


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