Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Service to a Tee


There have always been things that, as we grew up, we were told to take care of.

Our mothers, for one (though that can sometimes be an effort). Our nans, of course; our lady loves, our private parts, our teeth, our anger issues…the list goes on. Sure, we’re modern men and don’t always heed those warnings, but even within that complex list, there should be a couple of important additions.

Look after your ears with these eye-soothing, earlobe-tickling lovelies from German sound gurus Bang & Olufsen. They may have a name that sounds like the title of an Eastern European porno but when it comes to delivering stunning sound quality in a tiny package, their name is top of the list. Not only are their BeoPlay H3 headphones some of the best in-ear candy on the market, but they are as sophisticated as they are beautiful; designed by Jakob Wagner and crafted from lightweight metal, each headphone features 26 air vents to further reduce weight and produce amazing acoustics. An inline remote and microphone gives you hassle-free control on the go, and a tangle resistant cord makes these tiny speakers the perfect travel companion. They even come in a special felt bag.

Just to help you take a little extra care.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3
Available in black, natural and champagne. €1488


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