Coach x Tivoli Bleecker Leather Bluetooth Radio Time for Sexy Sounds


It’s one thing to have a massive sound system, with enough amperage to knock the walls down in a fiberglass instillation factory, but all that power can be space-consuming, not to mention a little redundant in Hong Kong’s tiny shoebox apartments.

What you need is a sound system that weighs in with more style than raw speaker power; a sophisticated item that extends your own debonair image to any that might venture into your he-lair.

Manhattan leather lotharios Coach has teamed up with retro sound gurus Tivoli to wrap the company’s iconic Bleeker Bluetooth radio in leather as supple as your first time round second base. As much a collector’s item as it is a bedroom or study essential, the radio is completely mobile, and is as happy perched above your wet bar as it is at a rooftop BBQ. Powerful speakers ensure you’re not compromising on sound quality in the name of style, and there is a sensitive AM/FM analog tuner, as well as auxiliary input and stereo headphone output, 2.5-inch drivers and an environmentally-friendly NiMH battery.

It’s time to have nice things.


Coach x Tivoli Bleecker Leather Bluetooth Radio


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