Saturday, 21.10.2017

DJI Inspire


Drone technology has come a long way in a short while and today there are hundreds of thousands of publically and privately owned drones flying the friendly skies above us.

While some of these rotor-bladed minions are providing crucial services – from delivering fuel to remote communities in Alaska, to forest fire prevention in Australia – most are just for pure enjoyment, whether you like to fly or you like to film.

The latest innovation by global drone leaders, Shenzhen’s DJI, is the Inspire, a fusion of sophisticated technology that’s bound to get any red blooded lad excited. Boasting the first 4k camera specifically designed for aerial use, a built-in wireless HD video transmitter and improved stabilization indoors without GPS (just in case you needed a new perspective on your home-made flicks) the Inspire is perfect for any budding film maker looking to document their world from a thousand feet up. The Inspire keeps its cool even in windy conditions thanks to an integrated 3-axis gimbal, while a new mobile app, designed for both Android and iOS keeps track of your lofty camera from up to 1.7-kilometers away. Sleek, quiet and cutting edge, Inspire features one touch take-offs and a ‘dynamic home point’ mean you won’t end up on the lawn of Government House, and an auto landing feature kicks in when the battery runs low, ensuring you don’t come crashing to earth.

Think of it as the Blue Thunder of consumer drones.


DJI Inspire



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