Nipi Smart Cooler Intoxicating Art


Ok, so we’ve collectively come to the realization that not all coolers are created equal.

Sure they may all look the same from a far, and they may all offer a frosty respite from the summer sun for our precious brewskis and barrel-aged, beach-themed negronis, but that’s where many coolers’ similarities end. What we have been waiting for is a cooler that taps into our emotions; a cooler that delivers a promise, not just to us, not just to our imported craft beers and pre-blended sangria, but to Mother Earth.

Consider Nippi the Moses of coolers, sent to guide us beyond a world of warm beer temptation and into one where we’re not only cool and fully charged, but also green. No Nipi doesn’t connect via app, doesn’t self-post its location on Facebook or pre-select Spotify playlists based on ambient temperature or the number of bikini tops removed in its proximity. But what it does do is still pretty cool. Double insulated for lasting cool, Nipi features LED lighting both inside and out for those after-dark beer pulls; a divider that doubles as a cutting board; built-in cup holders with drainage; four USB ports – two located inside a lockable, dry, safety deposit-like storage space, and two outside – ensuring your precious smartphone stays charged and secure, and an integrated solar panel that captures the essence of the sun by day to keep your favourite tracks playing into the wee hours. You can add extra external batteries or solar panels, while two durable wheels, integrated into the body, make relocating a breeze.

You’re welcome, planet Earth.


Nipi Smart Cooler
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