Apple Magic Mouse


When apple created the first iTouch, followed by iPhone and MacBook Pro, they opened up a whole sensory universe (like when you finally figured out the mystery of the bra clasp). Suddenly, we're touching, tapping and sliding our digits all over the show, and yes, like those bra-bound bon bons, it felt great.

Now Apple (think innovation before mass creation) have applied that finger feel good factor to your computer's best friend, with the Magic Mouse, the world's first multiple-touch mouse which, like Italian grandmothers, seem to be entirely gesture-driven. The Bluetooth-enabled mouse uses a microchip to recognize your finger's 'gestures', making it easier to scroll and select than ever before, and the Bluetooth means you don't have to be tied to the computer.

You'll give your old mouse the finger.

Apple Magic Mouse
Available for HK$518 at the Apple Store HK.

The Nuts & Bolts: Apple's new multi-touch Magic Mouse is smarter than most of us.


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