Wine Bags by Joy Vino Keep Your Cool


Man has longed for warm nights and cold drinks for as long as we’ve had fire and rivers within proximity. The irony is that the hotter the weather the harder it is to keep your beverages cool, which is why some of mankind’s greatest minds have tasked themselves through history, not with curing cancer or exploring the cosmos, but with innovating on the eskie and other chilling appareil.

Wine buckets were the obvious choice as far back as the 1700s – there is even a priceless antique item from 1753 in the MET – but they weren’t particularly portable and you still needed ice in the first place.

The wine bags by Hong Kong’s own Joy Vino are just the ticket for keeping your wine, or any other liquid, cool on those first-of-the-season junk jaunts. Fill the disposal bags with your wine or perhaps a craft cocktail, and stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to make for Pier 9. Then wedge it into its own cooler cover, which is akin to a wetsuit, and it will stay chilled all day long. It even comes with a handy hook so mother gravity is always at hand to help that health-giving nectar reach from in-built tap to your waiting palate, and afterwards simply fold and toss it into your waiting beach bag.

Just brilliant.


Wine Bags by Joy Vino

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