Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones Make a Sound Statement


We’ve all seen them; those guys cruising down the street with their chunky ass headphones wrapped around their melons.

lear signal to society: “I’m out”. These are guys who no longer want to contribute, engage, or participate with those around them, who would rather shut off their senses to their surroundings than make a meaningful contribution. And you can bet your bottom dollar they don’t get laid – ladies like to be heard, not shut out. Our point is that while having access to great sound should be a God-given right for every gentleman, there’s a time and a place for over-ear headphones that make you look like you toss luggage for a living.

Once you’ve figured out when headphones are appropriate, do yourself a favour and reach for a pair of Master & Dynamic’s MH40s. Made by one of the industry’s newest players, these stylish devices not only keep out ambient sound – including the voice of your boss – but also lock in the good stuff thanks to sound-wise 45mm neodymium drivers tuned to create maple syrup-smooth sounds with a balanced mid-to-low range and plenty of punchy bass. Combine that innovation with stainless steel and forged aluminum engineering, lambskin so soft you’d order it as a body glove if you weren’t so shy, and a choice of all-black or brown-silver paint jobs and you have the headphones a sound-savvy lad can sport in style. You won’t look like an unemployed DJ or a construction temp; instead you’ll be making your own statement.

And that’s one we’re sure the lovelies will appreciate.


Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphone


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