Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine Be a Good Host


Ah, the morning after, one of life’s potentially challenging entertaining opportunities.

You were debonair the night before - let’s face it you were god-damn charming - and your magic worked because nestled in your vintage Spiderman sheets is a gorgeous creature pretending to be asleep and waiting in anticipation for you to put the kettle on.

Show your new lady friend you’re more than just a pretty face and a bag full of oh-so-effective pickup lines by making her the best coffee she’s ever had. Inspired by the Milanese, who created espresso as a faster and less flashy alternative to filter brew, the Strietman ES3 is not only a lovely piece of wall candy, but also converts your manly muscles into enough pressure to push 350cc of boiling water through a tight piston and a portafilter packed with organic, single-origin freshly ground coffee beans (or at least that’s what you’ll tell her) and into your waiting vessel. Crafted in copper and stainless steel and reminiscent of something Leonard di Vinci might have sketched while he waited for the water to boil, the ES3 comes with a timber wall mount, three filter baskets and, conveniently, a double spout for serving two cups at once.

Well, go on, don’t leave her waiting!


Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine
€1,350.00 (HK$11,650)


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