Archt One Small but Powerful


The fact that Hong Kong flats are miniscule (for what you’re paying at least) is a topic of constant discussion.

It makes moving a pain in the proverbial as you shop for oddly shaped furniture, tiny, cramp-inducing beds and low-profile appliances made to fit into any available nook or cranny. How is a man supposed to create the right mood for life’s little adventures if he can’t even stretch out on a decent couch, serve up a feast at a proper table, or play music through a decent sound system?

The Archt One must have been made with Hong Kong guys in mind. Offering a wireless, 360-degree sound experience that puts you front and centre at the rock concert (or symphony performance) of your choice, this nifty little number uses patented, multidirectional speakers to produce high-quality tunes from a device the size of a loaf of bread (that’s a real loaf, mind). Stream your favourite hits via Bluetooth, USB, AirPlay or wifi (it produces its own network to ensure no interruptions), and if your party is on the go, pick it up and take it with you. See, some good things do come in small packages.

Just like your mother always told you.


Archt One
From US$599.99


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