SyrenPro Don’t Let Mother Nature Bring You Down


So you’ve finally found the perfect rooftop apartment, one that’s got enough space to have more than three people on it at a time, but that isn’t atop a 15-floor walkup. Congrats. Next step is to make your own alfresco space user-friendly and welcoming.

You’ve got the gas grill, you’ve got the paddle pool for those late night jello wrestling tournaments, and you even rigged a hammock for when you can’t face the stair descent. But what about entertainment?

SyrenPro may sound like a cream that cures the clap but they’re actually some weather-savvy speakers. Connected to your favourite music-bearing device by Bluetooth, these chic little boom boxes feature Kaura acoustics and True Wireless Stereo pairing for everything from iPhones to Androids, ensuring you can set the mood with the flick your...finger. Each rechargeable device features a three-inch co-axial speaker that provides powerful high fidelity sound that will easily compete with Hong Kong’s ambiant noise. And in case the weather turns, the speakers’ weather-resistant design ensures the party continues no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Even if it’s lime flavored jello.


From US$129.99


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