Sprite Get on the Drone Train


The rate at which drone technology is moving is staggering.

Once the domain of well-funded military projects, drones are filling our skies and our video banks with spectacular aerial footage. Today virtually anyone can have a crack at taking film and stills from the skies, limited only by their spending power. That was until Sprite.

Dubbed the world’s most lightweight and rugged unmanned aerial drone – its creators are quick to point out it’s a tool, not a toy – Sprite is about the size of a thermos flask, which is pretty staggering considering its capabilities. Produced by AeroSystems with initial deliveries in December 2015, the crowd funded Sprite features a unique, enclosed, compact polycarbonate airframe design that protects it from the elements; dual rotors, a fully autonomous autopilot setting, GPS and inflight telemetry, and the ever-popular ‘follow me’ option, making it ideal for adventure lovers. The in-built camera records in 1080 HD (including a real-time first person mode) and there is a separate attachment for GoPros. When you’re done flying Sprite from as far away as 2km, using existing Ground Control Station software, simply fold the drone’s blades down and slip it into a backpack. Battery life isn’t amazing but its lightweight design (it only weighs 2.6 pounds!) overcomes the cons, especially when you capture your own awesome aerial footage.

To the skies!


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