Thursday, 19.10.2017

IceMule Coolers Bring the Cold with You


One of the most important innovations in mankind’s history was – no, not fantasy league - but the ability to make things cold.

Until two centuries ago ice was simply a by-product of the weather, and although man had figured out how to use it when it arrived, we didn’t start manufacturing it (by accident at first) until the 1800s. Ever since, ice has been a critical component of modern life, from keeping transplanted organs fresh to chilling your Friday evening martini.

And that’s where the clever chaps at IceMule come in. They specialise in lightweight, durable coolers that allow you to take ice – or anything already cold – with you on life’s little adventures. Their cooler bags – available in four sizes and two styles - come with the portability of a backpack and the leak-proof ice-keeping magic of an ice box. Made to roll with the punches, IceMule’s cooler bags are double-layered with PolarLayer insulation (ensuring the contents stay cold for up to 24 hours) and reinforced at the seams, making them perfect for beach parties, rooftop BBQs and junk soirees. The IceMule Classic has the capacity for 18 cans or six bottles of your favourite vino, as well as enough room for that all important ice. A TriFold DriTop system ensures the ice stays in and the warm air stays out, while an IM AirValve allows for insulation layer air removal, keeping your goodies crisp and cold all summer long.

Isn’t technology grand?



IceMule Coolers
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