Marshall Fridge Keeping Up Pretenses


There are some things that look cool in your living room. Pool tables with leather accents; 60-inch wall-mounted LED televisions with wireless X-Box controllers; ‘waterbed’ couches with strengthened cup holders; vintage life-size cut outs of Elle McPherson.

But a mini fridge (unless you live in a dorm) is not one of them. The hum of the compressor, the whine of the door seals, the off-white hue that detracts from the rest of your diligent roomscaping – it’s convenient but it’s also tacky.

You know what’s not tacky in your living room? An amp built by music gurus Marshall. Enter the Marshall Fridge, which combines all the signature touches of a Marshall amplifier (except actual sound) with the convenience of a minibar fridge. Complete with legit logos, knobs, fret cloth and brass finishing, the fridge concealed within features 4.4 cubic feet of storage, including three racks in the main area, door shelves that can take two litre bottles, and even a small freezer for that all important ice. The set up comes with a low-decibel compressor and a high-efficiency Energy Star rating so even if you can’t play the guitar you can feel good about the environment while you sort out your own global heating issues, one bottle at a time.

“Well, show me the way, to the next whisky bar.” – The Doors

Marshall Fridge
Shipping from October; from US$299


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