Skully Protect Your Dome


Remember that mid 80s television show Street Hawk (‘course you do), the one where ex-motorcycle cop and amateur dirt-bike racer Jesse Mach (love that name) is recruited to a top secret government mission to ride a sleek all-terrain attack bike designed to ‘fight urban crime’ with speed and overwhelming firepower – think Robocop on wheels.

In that cutting-edge show young Jesse communicates with his handler Norman Tuttle through a sophisticated helmet, complete with heads up display, wireless connectivity and GPS. At the time it was revolutionary technology.

Well, this is like that. Introducing Skully, the motorcycle helmet you always wanted but can only now afford. Like Mach’s futuristic protection, Skully comes packed with features, from a transparent heads up display, a fog, scratch and glare-resistant visor, GPS navigation and a ultra-wide rear vision camera, through to streaming music, hands-free connectivity and integrated audio (so you can sing along to the synthesizer-heavy Street Hawk theme song). You’re Bluetooth connected and internet connected via a smartphone link, and all that technology comes in an ultra-light weight yet durable lifesaving package. There’s no targeting system but taxis are fairly obvious targets so we’re sure you’ll manage.

The Man…the machine…Skully.

From US$1,999


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