Let There be Steaks An Essential For Any Beach Bound Gent


Ah summer. A special, magical time of year when the days get longer and the skirts shorter, when the weekdays fly by and the weekends linger as you toast the season on junk trips to Sai Kung, BBQs in Stanley and picnics on Lantau.

It’s a season that needs to be embraced, when Hong Kong’s many green belts should be explored, and when you spend your free time with the right kind of people, cooking up a storm. And if you’re going to play grill man, you’re going to need to invest in the right equipment – something mobile but also practical, something that’s well engineered without a Swedish home store price tag. We think we have just what you’re after. 

Introducing the Picnic Time Buccaneer All-In-One Tailgating BBQ Grill/Cooler Set. Isn’t she lovely? Sensibly priced but with durable, lightweight fabric and polyester construction, this little BBQ buddy comes with a built-in charcoal grill and cooler chest for those essential roadies, and enough BBQ implements to arm a jungle militia. Take it apart and you have BBQ and fridge in one, with the whole lot packing into one easy-to-handle case. Bring the ice and charcoal bricks with you and leave with nothing but smiles, compliments on your sirloins, and a little washing up.

Bring on the summer sun.

Picnic Time Buccaneer All-In-One Tailgating BBQ Grill/Cooler Set
From US$129


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