Wednesday, 18.10.2017

iPad Foosball Old-School Challenges


We’re competitive beasts by nature.

We like to pit ourselves against each other in battles of wit, contests of strength, or perhaps even creativity in…the kitchen. So it’s no surprise that there’s a huge industry catering to the male competitive spirit – the gaming industry. Whether your preference is for outwitting the blackjack dealer, besting your buddy at video games, or duking it out in board games, games are the perfect battlefield for our need to best each other. A perennial favourite is foosball. All of us have fond memories of raucous foosball matches, whether it was in our childhood, during our college days, or on nights out at dive bars.

Reengage with this classic arcade game with the iPad Foosball, a pint-sized gadget that turns your iPad into your very own digital foosball table. Made by Stuart Ross in North Carolina, iPad Foosball is a 12x6x3in tray that snaps around your iPad and uses the integrated Classic Match Foosball app to create a real-world, tactile foosball experience. Four spinners on each side mimic those found on real tables by controlling the digital players on the field; sliding coloured markers at each end keep track of the score; while rubber feet on the legs keep the tray stable. The only hitch is that iPad Foosball doesn’t ship outside the US so you’ll have to make use of a US-based postal forwarding service – or that American ex who moved back.

But that’s a challenge you’ll relish, right?

 iPad Foosball


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