Sherpa 100 Solar Kit Scotty, We Need More Power


No matter where you go or what you do when you get there, it seems we’re always in need of power, to keep smartphones working, laptops up and running or even cameras going when on holiday.

The portable battery solutions on offer at the Wan Chai Computer Centre are great but don’t carry much punch – certainly not enough for a notebook or something juice-thirsty. Life’s a beach, until you need to go looking for a power socket.

Stay in the sand a little longer with the Sherpa 100 Solar Kit, a portable power solution that has an array of ports for all of life’s little essentials. Plug smartphones and tables into fast USB ports, portable lights into a 12V connection, plug laptops into a dedicated port, and even charge cameras thanks to a detachable AC inverter. The Sherpa charges from the wall like a regular power bank but can also soak up the sun’s rays with the included Goal Zero Nomad 20 solar panel, meaning the party will go well into the wee hours.

We’re hoping your nocturnal activities demand less electricity.


Sherpa 100 Solar Kit
From US$599.95


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