Sip Dark Give Your Mate the Bullet


Knowing what to give a good male friend for his birthday can sometimes be tricky.

Sure you can go the playful route, with a blow up doll that has his ex-girlfriend’s face sticky taped to it; a mix tape of those classic television theme tunes from his childhood; or perhaps the more traditional Flaming Lamborghini at the end of the night, leaving him drunk in front of a cheering crowd. Because nothing says happy birthday quite like dead brain cells and public embarrassment.

Treat your mates the way they deserve with a gift that keeps on giving, from Sip Dark. This savvy online shop was created by two friends who have a passion for the finer things in life and believe in celebrating in style. Its collection of ‘design conscious beverage accessories’ include leather-clad hip flasks and angel's share whisky droppers, but our pick are the whisky bullets. Made from stainless steel, these cunning cartridges are not only eye-catching but chill your mate’s favourite tipple, ensuring he goes into his next year enjoying a fine drop without too much dilution. You can even get him a revolver-styled cylinder for bullet storage in the freezer.

After all, what are friends for?

Sip Dark
Whisky bullets from US$44.95


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