Dyson Pure Cool No More Ill Wind


It’s nearly summer and that means two things – plenty of heat and plenty of dust.

In fact, the whole city seems to be in the process of being dug up and put back together again, and all that means is a fresh batch of particles in the air to join those from our friends up the Pearl River. It’s one thing to breathe all that rubbish in during the day – although we all know that simply placing your hand under your nose and grimacing is not a CDC-certified filtration process – but it’s another to have it in your home.

This month sees the launch of the Dyson Pure Air. Brought to you by that clever Brit James Dyson – the creator of the ‘ballbarrow’, the world’s best vacuums and hand driers that literally blow you away – the Pure Cool is an extension of the brand’s popular bladeless fans – yes, the ones you hesitate about putting your hand through. After 450 prototypes, the company has created a bladeless fan with a filter that removes 99.95 percent of ultrafine particles – dust, viruses, bacteria and pollen to be precise. Use the Pure Cool for 12 hours a day and you’ll only need to replace the filter once a year. It has a hefty price tag for a tower fan but just might be ticket for pollution reduction in your man cave this summer.

After all, that’s the last place you want blades.


Dyson Pure Cool
From HK$5,800


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