Grill Time Know Your Meat


It’s almost summer and we all know what that means – barbeque season.

All through this cold winter you’ve had to make do with visits to your local steakhouse, eyeing the chefs hovering over their hot grills with envy. But summer is almost here, so it’s time to dig out your beer can cap and novelty apron, fill the propane tanks, and prepare to play chef and host at your very own cookout. And for that, we’re sure you’d accept a little expert advice, on the sly.

Enter Grill Time, a handy little iPhone app that allows you to balance your responsibilities as a grillman and as a thrilling host. The app offers a step-by-step guide to grilling over 100 different ingredients, including perfect temperatures and timing based on size and preferred cooking style. The app covers everything from T-bones and turkey breast to homemade burger patties, meaning that no matter how distracted the honeys get you, your smart phone is on the case, watching for the telltale signs of a perfectly cooked cut of meat. A built-in flip reminder helps you keep track of your BBQ artistry and you can even customise timers for special orders.

Because a good host is always open to suggestion.

Grill Time US$1.99
Download here.


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