Handpresso Pump


So you have a mild caffeine addition - nothing you can’t control, nothing that has you wandering street corners at night scratching yourself – but it’s there.

 And your addiction has sensitivities; instant coffee is for long-distance truck drivers and round-the-world yachtsmen, and you’ve resisted the wank-factor of the barista movement too. You’re not a chump; you don’t need a lecture on single origin, protected pigmy-picked coffee beans while you wait an eon for your Joe. You just need a kick and you need it now.

While the Handpresso sounds like something you might get arrested for in Naples, it’s actually a cure-all for your caffeine calling. The collection’s nifty Handpresso Pump is a lightweight and pint-sized espresso machine that uses E.S.E. pods to ensure your coffee is always rich and perfectly brewed. All you need is a source of hot water – a kettle or a thermos – and a strong hand on the built-in pump to build up the 16 bars of pressure needed for the perfect pull. No batteries, no electricity – hell, you could probably get away without even using a cup, depending on your company.

As we said, it’s an addiction that’s under control.


Handpresso Pump
From EUR99 with delivery to Hong Kong


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