Brews by Benjamin & Blum Manly to a Tea


You may not know it, but the worlds of fine whisky and premium tea have been having a sordid affair for centuries.

 In Japan and China, Ceylon, and the British realm, whisky and tea have been sipped together by the good and the great with mutual appreciation. Connoisseurs from Shanghai to Southampton (not to mention plenty of Chivas-sponsored karaoke lounges) have long been aware that tea releases new flavours and aromas in mature single-malt whiskies, with the timeless brews as equally suited as mixers as they are chasers.

Now you can put these ancient drops to the test at home with a new collection of teas from Benjamin & Blum specifically selected to go with top-notch whisky. The collection includes micro-production (that’s tea lingo for small batch) White Peony, hand-picked from original Chinese rootstock in Darjeeling’s highlands; and a special Oolong from New Zealand that rivals the best Taiwanese growers can produce. Each tea is carefully brewed in the UK using Scottish spring water before being packaged in precious decanters, complete with Czech crystal stoppers. A great gift for a special mate, or an elegant home addition for true whisky fans, these unique teas will be as much a conversation piece as the cast-aged spirits they complement.

Let the sordid little affair continue.

Available at Lane Crawford from HK$3,600.


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