Polar M400 Because Knowledge is Power


With today’s cutting-edge technology, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before; which begs the question: what are we doing with it all?

 Some of it isn’t exactly vital – while it’s nice to know which celeb has had her nude selfies stolen, fascinating to watch epic fail videos on YouTube all afternoon, and insightful to have news from every corner of the globe beamed to us through satellite channels and smartphones, how relevant is this information to our day-to-day existence?

The Polar M400 sticks to the essentials – it tells you where you are and how you got there. A leader in the heart monitor-cum-watch game, Polar’s newest wearable sports device not only has design-savvy lines but is also the perfect companion for avid athletes looking to push themselves to the limits. The watch boasts GPS and 24/7 activity tracking, keeping tabs on pace, distance, and altitude, with your progress displayed on a high resolution display. The ‘Back to Start’ feature gives you a direct line back to your starting point, allowing you to explore new training routes, and even congratulates you when you break personal records. What’s more, Polar’s Smart Coaching gives guidance throughout your training regime and shows the effect of your workouts through a paired app, so you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Now that’s worth knowing.

 Polar M400, from HK$1,680 www.polarm400.com


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