Genesis Stopping a Good Thing from Going to Waste


Allow us to paint a scene for you. You’ve met a spectacular woman, you’ve wined and dined and cabbed it home.

Now it’s time for you to seal the deal with a gentlemanly touch: a nightcap, and some smooth moves. You don’t want to shake her up a martini - that might end up ugly - and shots are out, your college days are well behind you. A classy lady deserves something a little finer, like a bottle of your best bubbles. But in this scenario we’re underestimating – as we’re sure she will - your ability to close. There’s a good chance you’ll be kicking off shoes and forming the two-backed beast before the end of the first glass, leaving the efforts of generations of French artisans to go to waste.

Fortunately there is the Genesis, the first single bottle preservation and dispensing system designed for both champagne and still wines. Using patented IntelliCork preservation technology, this nifty little machine ensures your cheeky pinot or buttery chardonnay will last up to two months, and your vintage Bolli rosé stays sparkling for up to five days, bubbles intact. During the preservation, oxygen is replaced with trademarked ‘Wine Gas’ and specialist corks not only safeguard your vino but help dish it out, ensuring that the good times will last the night, and beyond. Even if you don’t.

Never hesitate to uncork, ever again.



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