Saturday, 16.12.2017

Over DSLR Photos Without the Camera


Men are visual creatures.

Our eyes are windows on the world and we certainly appreciate objects of beauty, from a perfectly cooked rib-eye to a well made martini, a lovely set of stems to a beautifully choreographed lesbian pillow fight. Snapchat has not only made it easier to communicate with our inner circle, but also have more risqué exchanges shielded by the magic of the auto-delete function. But as useful as Snapchat is, it’s not always aesthetically pleasing.

Enter Over, the app that lets you take serious creative control over your photos. Developed by a group of technophiles in Cape Town, the shutterbug-friendly app allows users to add seriously sexy text and artwork to their photos. Think of it as all your favourite photo-manipulating and photo-sharing apps – Instagram, VSCO Cam, Snapchat – all rolled into one super app capable of helping you create your best on-the-go photos yet. Over is available for iOS and Android, so everyone can get in on the fun. Just remember, a real gentleman would never be caught sending inappropriate photos. 

Go forth and make Ansel Adams proud.



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