Whiskey Wedge Man’s New Best Friend


One of the enduring hallmarks of a gentleman is the ability to truly appreciate whiskey – any iteration of it.

 You may use it to broker business deals Mad Men-style; smooth the way to reflective man-bonding moments like Boston Legal’s Alan and Denny; or even find yourself in a Ron Burgandy- esque ‘I love Scotch’ phase. However you enjoy it, you’re a neophyte until you know your Highlands from your Islays; have decided whether you’re an ‘on the rocks’ or a ‘neat’ guy; and can define the difference between whiskey and whisky.

Corkcicle, the brand behind some of the most innovative drink-friendly tools around, has unveiled the Whiskey Wedge, a unique glass-and-mould combo that is perfect for those who take their whiskey seriously. Simply fill the nifty little contraption with water, freeze, remove the mould, and you’ll have a slow-melting, wedge-shaped ice cube welded to the side of your glass, ensuring your favourite tipple doesn’t quickly dilute. The ice cube’s unique wedge shape means only a limited surface area of the ice comes into contact with the drink, so that your whiskey stays chilled, but maintains its integrity. Best of all, the Whiskey Wedge works with almost any tipple – vodka, tequila, rum – so you can use it to impress your femme du jour, even if she doesn’t appreciate a single malt.

Don Draper would use this to seal the deal.

Whiskey Wedge


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