Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Bluesmart Luggage that’s Smarter Than You


We’ve all been there, stuck at a soulless airport, looking into the dead eyes of an equally soulless airport employee, who couldn’t care less that your luggage never arrived.

 Perhaps you’ve looked in vain, in some far-off corner of the world, for a power point, or, even if you find one, a compatible adapter. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who always forgets to lock your luggage, leaving yourself susceptible to the world’s villains.

Help is at hand, with the new Bluesmart carry-on case. Presently collecting a lot of interest on crowd funding site Indigogo, this savvy suitcase is not only perfectly proportioned to travel in the cabin with you, but also connects to a dedicated smart phone app via Bluetooth, allowing users to lock and unlock remotely (or lock itself when you wander after that blonde bombshell and leave it behind), track the case when missing, collect post-trip data, and even connect with online travel companies to check weather and delays before the trip even begins. A built-in scale automatically weighs the case to ensure you’re not breaking the airlines’ precious rules, and a built-in battery can charge your tablet or smartphone six times over.

Let’s face it, even Q Branch wouldn’t have thought of that.





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